Call Tracking


Make the most of every customer contact.

Call Tracking is an included feature for Dealers who utilize a Website Choice provider through the Dealer Digital Solution program.

That means you benefit from a Call Tracking service that provides you:

  • Business Listing, Dealer Website, and Digital Advertising Call Tracking Lines.
  • Subsidized Call Volume.
  • Phone Analytics Dashboard with single sign-on access through GM Portal.
    • Marchex Speech Analytics Technology with machine/AI listening – to identify which outlets are driving inbound phone calls.
    • Department-level call categorization – properly categorize department of interest (Sales vs. Service).
    • Lost Opportunity Recognition and Alerting – identify and fix systemic failures in call handling.
    • Enhanced Call Log – listen and determine quality of phone call leads.
    • Transcription Search – search calls to find keywords, etc.

Approved Call Tracking Partners

Take the right actions to sell more.

Marchex Sales Edge Engage empowers sales teams to improve sales outcomes while delivering a better buying experience.

  • Understand your customer’s intent and conversation outcome using Conversation Intelligence.
  • Boost your sellers’ productivity by automating your workflow.
  • Save the sale before they call your competitor.
  • Ensure your customer receives the experience your brand represents.
  • Track calls from more sources with more lines.

It’s easy to add Sales Edge Engage to the Call Tracking program that GM already provides to all Dealers at no cost. Enroll now and check out how you can increase sales efficiency, take the right action so your team makes the most of every opportunity, and sell more.