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Capture more leads, day and night.

Your website’s open for business, even after your staff’s gone home. Live Chat keeps it active 24/7 with trained advisors ready to answer questions about your products and incentives, and schedule service appointments. It drives leads to your dealership around the clock.

Approved Chat Partners

Connect with more auto shoppers and convert them into buyers with the leading digital messaging solutions in the industry.

  • Generate Richer Leads: Our highly trained team offers the best customer service skills in Chat, SMS and Messenger.
  • Get More Showroom Traffic: Get more real-world foot traffic with the provider that offers the highest average show rate.
  • Increase Dealership Revenue: Sell more cars, faster. ActivEngage offers the highest lead-to-sale closing rate in the industry.

We’re a GM-managed chat solution for your dealership website, assisting customers on your behalf 24/7, with product information, incentives and more:

  • Advisors are trained on your products and incentives and connected to your dealerships inventory.
  • It’s now available for all domains associated with your GM dealership.
  • It can assist your shoppers everywhere you advertise (Autotrader, Facebook, Google My Business, etc.).
  • OSS Integration.
  • Service Scheduling Integration (xTime and Time Highway).

Engineered by Dealer Inspire, Conversations is the advanced messaging platform that deeply integrates with your website and marketing channels to instantly and automatically convert more consumers 24/7, wherever they are.

  • Seamless messaging hub for websites, SMS, Google, Facebook,, vehicle infotainment centers and more.
  • Ana Bot A.I. automatically converts common customer questions into leads through friendly, step-by-step chats.
  • Effortless dealer interface with drag-and-drop inventory, video conversations, mobile app and cross-department transfers (24/7 Managed Chat with Boss Mode available).

Engage consumers, capture leads and sell more 24/7 with Digital Air Strike’s AI-powered Response Path.

  • Use AI Assistants to ask and answer qualifying questions, capture leads and schedule appointments 24/7 on your website, Facebook and via text message.
  • Showcase your dealership specials, vehicles for sale, location and hours in your “chat” window. Allow visitors to search, select and take action on vehicles from your current inventory.
  • Integrate with your CRM so you never miss a lead, and allow your team to easily jump into chat conversations from all channels through a centralized inbox.

Gubagoo, The most advanced live chat in automotive.

  • Make it easy for your customers to communicate with your dealerships from any device through multiple channels. (chat, text, messenger+marketplace, ABC, GMB).
  • Custom-built features for inventory, quick replies, mentions, trade-in and more to make it happen!
  • ResQ combines fully managed chat and dealer-managed chat to deliver remarkable experiences to your customers.

Our sales and service messaging platforms enable you to add convenience throughout your entire dealership: shopping to buying, scheduling, servicing and trade-ins.

  • Connect where it matters most — your site, Google My Business, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, Autotrader and more — complete with integrated digital retailing tools.
  • Reduce hassles with Live Advisors, who can manage any of those sales/scheduling conversations you might miss.
  • Grow service revenue and satisfaction with the convenience of texting for appointment reminders, job approvals and updates, mobile pay and reviews.