Trade-in Tool


Optimize sales with third-party tools

The new Trade-In Tool program provides your dealership with an important opportunity to engage your consumers and move them further down the shopping funnel. We negotiated pricing with several partner to help reduce your costs and provide partner choices, and developed transparent, aggregate performance reporting.

Approved Trade-In Tool Partners

Convert more of your traffic into leads with Car and Driver Trade-In Tools, previously known as Black Book Online. These tools produce a 30% increase in lead generation and a 59% lift in mobile leads over previous versions.

  • Provide your shoppers either a trade-in range or a single value to fit your dealership’s needs.
  • Tool features include fully responsive design, lead engagement components and Google Analytics compatibility.
  • Trade-in appraisal values are provided by Black Book, trusted by dealers and OEMs.

Kelley Blue Book LeadDriver is a simple and easy way to provide trusted trade-in values, capture leads from in-market shoppers and support a two-fold transaction—trade-in and purchase—directly from your website.

  • Enhance your brand by leveraging the third-party automotive brand consumers trust.
  • Fresh, local and market reflective trade-in values are supported by 90+ years of vehicle valuation experience and unparalleled data from the widespread Cox Automotive family of brands.
  • A simple yet robust experience and interface keeps users engaged on your website and provides you with robust leads, including customer contact, trade-in vehicle and next vehicle of interest information.

Our revolutionary product—SNAP—completely changes the way you and your customers approach trades in today's marketplace, and what you can expect from your trade tools. We offer:

  • A superior user experience and flexible integration.
  • Easier conversations and positioning around market-centric data.
  • A greater volume of total opportunities than our competitors.

Powered by visually interactive content, we minimize friction, reduce time-to-conversion and produce the industry's best form completion rates. Our simplistic but engaging Appraisal Diamond delivers accurate, range-based values to your online customers in seconds, within a single-page layover design.

  • Hard-to-resist UI delivers up to 70% form completions.
  • Visually-interactive content reduces cognitive load.
  • Values are adjustable and fully customizable.

Bridge the online-to-offline experience with a program that's more than website integration–it's a better way to trade. Powered by 60+ years of Galves market data and wrapped in the trust of the TrueCar brand, we can maximize your opportunities*

  • Increase close rates in your showroom with a printable, value-driven condition report.
  • Capture in-market shoppers on your website in 2-3 minutes with a simple, user-friendly design.
  • Reduce friction with your customers by leveraging real-time value adjustments through our online and showroom tools.